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Our team’s expertise with the latest technology ensures that you’ll receive the best hearing aids for your loss.

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Hearing Aids Fresno provides hearing solutions that are customized to each patient's individual needs. The most important part of what we do is listen to you and your concerns. We provide education and solutions to help you through your hearing healthcare journey.

Our team’s expertise with the latest technology ensures that you’ll receive the best hearing aids for your loss.

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About Hearing Aids Lincoln NE

Hearing Aids Fresno has a qualified staff that has met the state and national requirements in credentialing so that we can help you with your hearing healthcare. Our team has the training to assess and treat your hearing problems based on your individual needs. We are proud to serve the Fresno area by providing a wide range of hearing services.

Our practice believes that you deserve our best so that we can help you communicate with your loved ones and friends. We are conveniently located and have dedicated many years to servicing the Fresno community and surrounding areas. Our passion is healthy hearing, and our goal is to help you improve your quality of life. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Our hearing care specialists Fresno CA are friendly, helpful people who are 100% dedicated to you! We listen to your concerns and we will do our best to answer all of your questions concerning hearing loss. The specialists at our fresno hearing center are committed to providing you with the ability to hear through advanced testing methods, effective treatment options, and the best in hearing aid technology all at prices to fit your budget.

Call our audiologist Fresno today for your complimentary hearing evaluation and consultation!

Why Choose Us?

Our patient-centered approach allows us to focus on your individual hearing needs. At Hearing Aids Fresno you’ll experience care that is specific to you. We will ensure that your needs are met. Our audiologist Fresno CA and staff are trained in offering hearing tests and demonstrations, routine and diagnostic testing, programming, in-office repairs and maintenance.

We have such a long history in the community of Fresno and we are committed to having a strong relationship based on honesty and integrity. We take pride that our patients refer their family and friends to us. That means that they trust us to take care of the people they care about.

That says a lot about us and our service. We are open to work within your budget. Many people need low cost hearing aids without sacrificing quality. We can help you with that.

  • We are committed to quality service
  • We listen to your concerns
  • We offer many hearing aid brands
  • We are experienced
  • We offer risk free trials
  • We offer many accessories and batteries

Get on the path to better hearing today and call Hearing Aids Fresno today for your risk free hearing test and consultation. We are available Monday through Friday to answer any of your questions you may have.

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What To Expect

When you come to Hearing Aids Fresno, you can expect quality of service from the time you walk in the door until you leave. Our patients choose us because we truly care about your hearing and want you to be satisfied with your visit with us.

If you believe that you are experiencing hearing loss, or your family members are encouraging you to have your hearing checked, or you are concerned about your loved one’s hearing, then call us for a comprehensive test.

We start by taking your case history. This is where we find out your medical history, lifestyle, and exposure to noise.

We then will look in your ears with an otoscope to look at your eardrum. We want to start with a healthy eardrum and ear canal before we start our hearing test Fresno.

Using special headphones, we will play tones at various frequencies in soft and loud frequencies and have you respond when you hear them.

Next we will give you a bone conduction test by placing a button behind your ear that directly stimulates the hearing nerve and help us see if you have a blockage in the middle ear.

After that we will give you a list of words at different volume levels to find out your level of understanding in noisy and quiet environments.

The last step is to give you a test to determine your loudness levels. This helps us to find out which sounds are too loud for you.

Upon completion, we will be able to go over your audiogram with you and discuss your individual hearing loss. We can help you make the right choices when you want to choose your Fresno hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Styles

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Our Hearing Aid Services

At Hearing Aids Fresno, our hearing aid audiologist and team are here to enrich your life. We offer a variety of services to help you on your path to better hearing. Our hearing specialist Fresno is trained in the latest technology to help you pick the best hearing aids. We offer the following services:

Hearing Devices

When it is time to pick your hearing devices, you can choose from a variety of hearing aid brands, styles, and technology levels. Because technology has progressed over the last few years, there is so much capability in hearing aids Fresno CA. This means that you can stream music, your television, and phone calls directly to your hearing aids. Our hearing aid doctor will provide an overview of the best on the market today and help you decide what hearing aids are best for you.

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can result in many frustrating symptoms. Many people find it difficult to understand what is being said in conversations. Especially in large group gatherings. It is challenging for those with hearing loss to figure out which direction noise is coming from. Having to concentrate while listening to people can be exhausting and we may find it easier to distance ourselves from others. At Fresno hearing aids, we can give you the help you need to hear better and to enjoy life again with your family and friends.

Hearing Aid


When your hearing aid isn’t performing as it should, bring it into Hearing Aids Fresno for repair. Our licensed hearing aid dispenser and staff will diagnose the issue. We can perform common repairs on all brands. If a major service is needed, we will quickly deliver your aids to the manufacturer for the repair needed. Call today for your hearing aid repair Fresno!

Cleaning and Earwax Removal

Earwax is naturally produced by the glands in the ears to lubricate the ear canals and keep debris from getting close to the eardrum. In some instances, it can accumulate and cause a blockage. We can remove excess earwax at Hearing Aids Fresno. Call our audiologist Fresno CA today!

Hearing Test and Consultation

The free hearing test Fresno will help us determine your hearing capability. If you have hearing loss, a hearing aid specialist will give you an exam. Your hearing test Fresno CA will let us know the type and extent of your loss. It will let us know at which level you can detect and understand speech. The results will provide the audiologist Fresno with the details they need to accurately recommend the proper treatment.

Hearing Aid Programming

One of the most important processes in your hearing care journey is to have the proper hearing aid fitting and programming. If the adjustment is not performed correctly, even the best and most expensive hearing aids will not perform correctly. Our hearing aid programmer is the best and will make sure that you leave with great sounding hearing aids. We want your satisfaction!

Customer Testimonials

I am glad that I found hearing aids near me by going to Hearing Aids Fresno. I asked them how much is a hearing aid and they were very transparent with their prices.

Clint F

When I was looking for hearing tests near me, I found Hearing Aids Fresno and was very happy with their customer service.

Juan R

They were very helpful and professional in fitting me with my new hearing aids and helping me to get the ones with the features that I wanted.

tara a

About Fresno California

Fresno is a city in California with a population of over 530,000. Fresno is in Fresno County and is named for the abundant ash trees lining the San Joaquin River. Living in Fresno offers residents a dense suburban feel and most residents rent their homes. In Fresno there are a lot of parks. Many families and young professionals live in Fresno and residents tend to lean liberal. The public schools in Fresno are above average.Agriculture is king and in early spring you can get a look by driving or biking along the 62 mile Blossom Trail, with the route lined with fruit and nut trees in full bloom.

The cities very near Fresno include:

  • Calwa, CA
  • Malaga, CA
  • Clovis, CA
  • Pinedale, CA
  • Easton, CA
  • Fowler, CA
  • And many other areas

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need help with my hearing?

Sometimes you can tell the signs of hearing loss because you are saying, “what?” whenever someone talks to you. If you find yourself asking people to repeat themselves or feel like people mumble when they talk, you need to come in for a hearing test.

How much are hearing aids?

Because Fresno hearing aids are so advanced, they can be high cost. When considering the hearing aids that are best for you, your audiologists near me can help you stay within a budget that you can afford. There are many types of hearing aids that can help the many types of hearing loss. Our team can help you learn which hearing aids are best for you.

Should I buy my hearing aid online?

How well your hearing aids perform depends on how they are programmed. The hearing specialist near me is qualified and experienced to adjust your hearing devices to your unique hearing loss. Making a purchase without having your hearing tested is a mistake because you’ll likely end up with hearing aids that won’t work for you. It is important to seek out the help of a licensed hearing specialist that is highly trained in testing your hearing and fitting your hearing aids.

How do I find the right hearing aid stores near me?

You can usually find out about a business by looking them up on the internet or asking friends and neighbors their recommendations. Hearing Aids Fresno has great hearing aid reviews. We know people appreciate us because we educate our patients on the causes of hearing loss and how much hearing aids cost. We treat you right when you come to our office. Call us today for your appointment!

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At Hearing Aids Fresno, we are committed to finding a solution to the challenges that you have on a daily basis. We always strive to go above and beyond in providing a hearing solution that lets you enjoy the sounds around you. We want to help you enjoy having conversations with your family and friends again.

We are dedicated to keeping up with the latest in technology so that we can help you hear better and get back into life again.

Call and make your appointment today for a free hearing test and consultation! Our team is ready to help you and answer all of your hearing healthcare questions.

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